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Hello, I grew up in a family that when you had a headache you went to the medicine cabinet for a pill, if you had a stomach ache you went to the cabinet for some pink stuff. Sadly, most North Americans have been raised in an allopathic medical model that treats symptoms from the outside-in with pills and potions. I had chronic eczema that would get so severe that it would bleed when I moved, and all the creams the doctor gave me didn’t ever make it go away. When I was a teenager I was involved in several motorcycle accidents and one severe car accident. With each accident was a trip to the hospital and some x-rays where the doctor always had the same answer, no broken bones go home rest and you will be fine.

Well, I was not fine. At seventeen I was sick every day of my senior year and had many trips to our family MD without any success. After several rounds of antibiotics, corticosteroids and a bunch more drugs, I started to wonder how “good for me” was all this (ineffective!) medication? I was sent to “specialists” who had stronger pills but had no success in getting well. Before I was eighteen, my low back started hurting (which was really a blessing in disguise) and the pain killers/muscle relaxants prescribed by my family MD didn’t seem to have any affect.

At the suggestion of my brother, I decided to go see a chiropractor to check if my low back pain could be helped. The chiropractor told me that he could help with my low back pain. The added bonus was that he could also correct my nervous system. He explained that, with better functioning of my immune system, I would perform better and that I should get over my teenage sickness that had plagued me.

I was all in!

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, I started getting adjusted three times a week. My back pain was gone after two weeks and then after a few months my other issues were gone as well. In the twenty-plus years since, I have only ever taken off one sick day. My eczema cleared up after about a year of specific adjustments and never returned. My body had healed from inside out without any medication. Chiropractic had addressed the cause of my symptoms rather than just trying to mask them.

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Now to back up a little bit, my mom had a life changing event at sixteen years old with chiropractic. However, where that chiropractor failed her (and me, for that matter) is that he did not educate her about the principles of true health and healing, and how chiropractic is a major contributor to having a healthy family and an abundant life.

Now, I would like to be able to tell you that from that experience I had a huge paradigm shift from the (outside-in) medical model to the true wellness healing (inside-out). However, I started chiropractic school and my weekly regular adjustments were replaced with students practicing their manipulations on me, which was far from specific and scientific adjustments I had grown used over to the last five years. I had competed in several bodybuilding shows, I had been eating great, exercising a lot, and looked healthy. Within a few months time, I broke out in shingles, which was the start of me getting sick again. I reverted back to seeking medical treatment (which was ironic, considering my own life-changing chiropractic experience in my late teens as well as being in chiropractic school) which just goes to prove how deep the medical (outside in) model is embedded into most Canadians. In California, I was even paying thousands of dollars for medical care and prescription drugs that were making me sicker each day I took them.

I graduated from Palmer West in California and returned home sick. I started getting regular specific adjustment and, once again, I regained my health. This was finally my paradigm shift. This is what changed the life of me and my family - forever.

I am proud to be a principled chiropractor and on a mission to share true healing and health with as many families as possible, so they can reach their God given purpose and avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery.

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What is the True Meaning of Health?

As a prospective patient, I remember sitting through an orientation called “The Doctor’s Report”, thinking why had I not done this before taking all the different drugs I was given? The only answer I had for myself is that I did not know there was another option to taking prescription drugs before that day!

I had been trying my best to regain my health and had decided that I was just genetically prone to being sick, as it had been suggested by my family doctor. During the Doctor’s report I was asked “What is the true meaning of health?” As a self-proclaimed health-fanatic, my hand shot up to answer with “when you feel good and look good”. Which at the time was again ironic because I was the top competitor in the Canadian Body Building Association, I had been eating right, working out and I looked good, but why then was I so sick?

The chiropractor responded by correcting me and explaining that the answer is in the word itself. True health is expressed in the body’s ability to HEAL. Somewhere along the way I had lost the ability to heal, as stated on page 4 of Grey’s Anatomy, “the nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body” (including your immune system). I obviously had severe nerve interference and lost my ability to heal and eventually lost my health. Thinking back to my childhood, I must have lost function in my earlier years being plagued with severe eczema, then later on several accidents which compounded my decreased nerve function and decreased immunity. The chiropractor I saw, explained how Chiropractic is the best way to remove the interference that keeps our bodies from healing.

As a parent of two young boys, 8-year-old Max and 4-year-old Xavier, I take a special interest in seeing children be healthy without drugs and surgery. I can vouch that when my wife Diana was pregnant and someone would ask what we were having, “Is it a boy or girl?”, my answer always was ” It doesn’t matter, just as long as they are healthy.” Our health is our most valuable asset, which many of us don’t realize until we get sick. As my young family grows, I am amazed at the child’s eye view of the world and their ability to dream incredible dreams.

As an adult (that has been tainted by the world), those dreams seem silly and less attainable. Somewhere along the way many of us seem to lose hope. We become ‘realistic thinkers’ and we set ‘attainable’ goals. At Atlas Family Chiropractic our dream is to bring the hope back, by beginning the process with improving your health.

There is Always Hope

Regardless of the past or your current health concerns, there is always hope. We have created a culture within our office that allows our practice members the ability to dream again! For some members a dream might be to walk up a flight of stairs, for others it could be completing an Ironman, getting rid of allergies or helping a son or daughter come off their ADHD medication.

Chiropractic is a unique profession and we feel blessed to be a part of it!

We look forward to you joining us in our mission, to create a culture of true HEALTH for the community of Airdrie.

Welcome to the Atlas Chiropractic Family!

Dr. Glen, Diana, Maximillian and Xavier


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I had issues with my neck and could not turn my head to the left. I also had panic attacks which I had no idea chiropractic could help. Dr. Glen explained removing nerve interference would allow my body and brain to function better. Try it, listen to your body and it will let you know how it will be working for you. I now have full motion in my neck, and as a bonus it stopped my panic attacks.Mary
Initially my chiropractic care was to treat “back pain”. I had thought about spinal health, but my thought was pain = improper alignment. Today my thought is proper alignment = proper function = health. I tell my network that chiropractic care is a part of my overall health. One of the largest improvements in my life has been my quality of sleep.Amanda H