Airdrie Chiropractor Helps Infant Colic

Colic is not a condition that most parents would associate with Airdrie Chiropractors, but chiropractic care can make a difference when your child is suffering from unexplained bouts of crying and discomfort.  For most people, a trip to the doctor and then the pharmacy, to get medication, is the standard treatment protocol for colic.  However,  as you’re about to realize, there are other more effective ways to address the problem.

A Common Infantile Problem

Infant colic is not a disease, but rather a condition defined by a collection of symptoms. There is no specific test for colic, but the symptoms themselves will result in a colic diagnosis in an otherwise healthy baby.  Colic is generally diagnosed in a baby that cries vigorously for long periods of time, despite all efforts of consolation. Starting around 2 to 4 weeks of age, colic generally peaks at 2 months, subsiding after 3 to 4 months and resolving by 6 months. Colic begins and ends abruptly often around the same time of day, after meal times, in the late afternoons or evenings.  One in four babies in North America will suffer from colic.

The Cause of the Problem

During birth, babies bodies are compressed and misalignment of the neck vertebrae can occur.  This may cause a disruption of the nervous system communicating with the digestive system, leading to dysfunction of that system.  With a dysfunction of digestive system,  a baby will experience gas and pain, resulting in bouts of unexplained crying.  

Treating the Cause of Colic

Some parents may be unsure about taking their baby to a chiropractor. However, specific chiropractic adjustment will consist of gentle pressure on the baby’s neck and back to release a subluxation (a problem area in the spine causing nerve interference, a disruption of normal function) and restoring normal digestive function.  Likely more than one adjustment will be required before vertebrae are properly aligned and the baby’s colic symptoms are resolved. If you know the parents of an infant with colic or you are the parents of a colicky infant, consider chiropractic as a safe and effective treatment.  Our Airdrie chiropractic doctor is skilled at providing spinal adjustments to infants and explaining the process.  

It’s easy to get caught up in the world of prescription medications, especially if your child is suffering, but there are non-invasive, drug-free ways to treat most health issues.  If your child can’t seem to get relief from unexplained bouts of crying call our Airdrie chiropractic team at Atlas Family Chiropractic for a consultation.  We provide very unique neurological based care, that is very precise and gentle. The light touch used in adjusting a infant would be the same pressure you would use in testing a ripe tomato. At Atlas Family Chiropractic our team is here to help answer your questions.  Please feel free to contact us today. Call (403) 945-9450 or email