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Industrialized farming has contributed to lost essential nutrients, which can be added back into your diet with supplementation. That’s where we recommend Science-Based Products from Metagenics. They meet the highest standards for research and quality manufacturing from natural ingredients, making them safer and more effective.

However, always remember that the first step to regaining and maintaining your health is looking to the function of your spine and central nervous system. The flow of information that keeps you healthy and helps the healing process, comes from a proper functioning spine. If you have nervous system interference, good food, supplements and exercise will not have the benefits that they should provide. Modern day life is stressful, unnatural, toxic and deficient, wreaking havoc on your spine and nervous system. Once you have had your spine checked for subluxation (nervous system interference), corrected and maintained, then explore avenues that can complement your chiropractic care.

If you regularly get your spine checked and are looking to reach the next level of health, please click on this Metagenics link to go directly to our E-Store to order supplements sent directly to you. With your first order Metagenics will give you a 20% discount. My gift to you is a 15% discount from the MSRP on every order.

In Canada, all orders are shipped for free. Click to go directly to the E-Store and set up your account to get started today. If you choose auto-ship, you will save another 10% on all of your orders after your first.

Going into a supplement store can be confusing. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Johanson.

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I brought my baby in after labour. Dr. Glen is gentle and great with kids. Cassie
Dr. Glen’s chiro care should be a requirement for prevention of conditions. Getting regular adjustments has made a world of difference. First the headaches went away, then my back has gotten much better and I continue with treatments to prevent these headaches and pain. It feels better to have an adjustment rather than to take pain medication to cover the symptom but never address the cause. You can gain better results with adjustments. Tina T