Pediatric Chiropractic

Why Should Every Child See A Neurologically-based Chiropractor

Over 60% of neurological development occurs after birth in a child's first year of life; that is so crucial to have a child's spine evaluated for neck problems that can manifest as health problems as a child or as an adult years later.

Subluxation alone is a rational reason for Chiropractic care throughout a lifetime from birth.
Lee Hadley, MD

Children deserve to enter the world as healthy as possible. While we support a natural approach to birth whenever possible, we acknowledge the effect trauma can have on both baby and mom during the labor and delivery process, particularly when medical interventions such as vacuum extraction, episiotomy, caesarean sections and other surgical procedures are employed. Even in the North American “natural birth” the force exerted on a baby’s neck is 60 – 90 lbs. In the current healthcare economy, birth trauma is frequently ignored, overlooked and in many cases misdiagnosed. The research is clear that upper neck problems are found in newborns (even without any obvious symptoms). We care for many infants in this office. Many parents bring their babies in a few days after birth to have them checked for nerve interference. This is really crucial since the birthing process can be very traumatic to their delicate spines. Many childhood ailments can be resolved through specific chiropractic care.

After having two young boys of his own Dr. Glen takes a special interest in pediatrics. It is very important that the parents have their children checked in our office as soon as possible so we can help them live a healthy life the way it is intended. When performing an adjustment on a child, skilled and experienced chiropractor like Dr. Johanson need only use a minimal amount of force, analogous to the pressure used to check the skin of a ripe tomato, and can even be performed while the child is sleeping!

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If you have any concerns about your child’s health please call our office and schedule a complimentary consult with Dr. Johanson.

Why should every new born and children be checked by a pediatric chiropractor?

The most traumatic event that every North American will experience in their life time is being born! That is why every infant should be evaluated at birth by a pediatric chiropractor. This is critical to understand as it relates to why infants and children need chiropractic evaluations and care. The study conducted by Biedermann (1992), evaluated over 600 children, all under the age of 2. The research refers to the vertebral subluxation as a kinematic imbalance due to suboccipital strain (KISS).

The report explains the pathogenic importance of asymmetric posture in small children and the fact it is often played down, if at all, recognized by the medical community. EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THIS! The author noted that KISS (subluxation) has a wide range of clinical signs and in many cases can be dealt effectively via manual therapy. The risk factors for why these children had KISS syndrome, as they referred to it, were from intrauterine misalignment, application of extraction aids during delivery, prolonged labor, and/or multiple fetuses. Therefore, it seems that birth process points to the root cause of KISS.

This study is one that you definitely want to know about and have PROOF OF WHY MOMS, INFANTS AND KIDS NEED CHIROPRACTIC!

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Biedermann H. “Kinematic imbalances due to suboccipital strain in newborns” J. Manual Med (1992) 6:151-156.

*Chiropractic does NOT treat or cure conditions or disease.
*Chiropractic has one objective: To detect, analyze and correct subluxations.

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I had issues with my neck and could not turn my head to the left. I also had panic attacks which I had no idea chiropractic could help. Dr. Glen explained removing nerve interference would allow my body and brain to function better. Try it, listen to your body and it will let you know how it will be working for you. I now have full motion in my neck. Mary
Dr. Glen’s chiro care should be a requirement for prevention of conditions. Getting regular adjustments has made a world of difference. First the headaches went away, then my back has gotten much better and I continue with treatments to prevent these headaches and pain. It feels better to have an adjustment rather than to take pain medication to cover the symptom but never address the cause. You can gain better results with adjustments. Tina T